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About Sandhya Gugnani

Sandhya Gugnani, Nutritionist and Dietician

Meet Sandhya gugnani, a *Nutritionist and Dietician* who possesses rich and varied experience of 15 years in hospital, food service, media, corporate and community settings. She earned a post graduate diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition and received Master of science in Foods & Nutrition from IGNOU.

Sandhya Gugnani has worked as a consultant at WHO (World Health Organisation) for Nutritional analysis of their cafeteria menu & suggesting recommendations and ZEE BUSINESS with one of the programs “The Great Chefs of India” featured on weekly basis. She is a consultant nutritionist at Paras Spring Meadow Hospital prescribing therapeutic diets for patients, managing kitchen & cafeteria & OPD patients for all metabolic diseases, PCODs, Antenatal & post natal etc .


Kind Words from clients

Ms Sandhya Gugnani planned a healthy and balanced diet for my nutrition and weight loss. Once, I started following the diet along with doing regular exercises suggested by her, I began to see the results for myself. She has helped me develop lifestyle changes which will benefit me for the rest of my life. It's incredible how energized I felt since the beginning of the program.
Her diet plans are realistic, goal oriented and easy to follow. She immediately saw what was lacking in my diet and provided me with specific recommendations that helped me chart my own progress to attain the goal. She is a pleasant and fun personality with a lot of knowledge about her profession. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy way and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

From my dil se 😘😘 a bit late though.
Sandhya has changed my outlook towards health and lifestyle. Under her guidance i feel like a changed person. My energy levels are high because of clean and healthy eating. I have not only lost weight but gained health and healthy life style. She is the best!

Well my experience has been great, Sandhya is very practical, realistic and yet result oriented. She believes in longevity with zero side effects. Kudos👍

Varun Sahai, Delhi

Sandhya - A top dietician & nutritional expert. She made it easy for me to understand my diet and actually believe that loosing weight is no Rocket Science. I lost 8kgs in a span of 5 months. She was always on top of my routine encouraging & helping me with the most yummy recipes. It's not just a diet.. but a lifestyle change for me. I will recommend her to everyone who have a goal of looking gorgeous and eating better.

Sonal J. Singh, Delhi

Sandhya's diet for me proved to be simple to follow and very effective. She took into acount that I am mother of 3 kind and vegetarian. Her diet is very filling and does'nt leave me starved. I think I have made great progress under her guidance slowly but surely.
Thanks Sandhya!

Sucharita, Delhi

Sandya has been a very effective and wonderful Nutritionist.
In a short span of 1.5 month my husband lost about 7 Kgs. She takes personal accountability of health of her clients and that too without compromising on Nutrition.
I will personally recommend her to anyone looking for an efficient and healthy lifestyle management.

Aarti Deepak Taneja, Delhi

With all kinds of diets out there, it is great to have Sandhya Gugnani working with you on your individual goals. She gives a customized nutrition and health program that suits your lifestyle. Sandhya's dedication comes through in every e-mail and meeting. She takes into account your likes and dislikes and makes a program that works for you. She sets you for success with her ongoing support and commitment. I would recommend Sandhaya to my family and all my friends.

Sonali Choudhary, Delhi